Sunday, April 24, 2011

love potion number 9

i have a few secret weapon recipes (mostly of the dessert variety as i have little interest in eating like an adult), and this is the best of the best. a few people have suggested at one point or another that i put together a cookbook, which is very flattering... but i can't ethically do that as all of my recipes have origins in other peoples' recipes. usually i take a few ideas from other recipes and combine them into some grand ridiculous dish like my double crust apple pie that literally stews in several cups of butter while it bakes (the ultimate healthy treat), or if i'm on my own i just put ingredients that were never meant to be together all into a bowl over a bed of spinach, douse them in salt, and devour the whole frankenstein concoction at disgustingly fast speeds. the other night sergeant cowboy had to work late, so i made a "salad" of leftover corn and hominy (if you haven't had hominy, get your butt over to your nearest bodega and buy a can. it's divine), tomatoes, cheese... and instant mashed potatoes. over spinach. topped with steak seasoning. before you gag, i should mention that it was delicious.

but as usual, i digress...
while most of my recipes are hybrids, either out of laziness to actually obtain/prepare all the ingredients or stubborn desire to modify and edit everything even if it's already just fine, this one is just perfect as it is.
these cookies are the best you'll ever have. they will bring you joy, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. i'm not even kidding.

actually, i do have one edit. i have never put the white chocolate on the top; while i can't get enough sugar, sergeant cowboy has been known to call desserts "too sweet" before. he's nuts.
but these are really sweet already... especially because i use milk chocolate chips instead of the standard semisweet. so if you're feeling lazy you have my encouragement to upgrade the chocolate chips and then skip a step, thereby shortening the agonizing waiting period between starting the recipe and eating the results of the recipe. in their entirety. when your fiance isn't looking.

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